On this page, you can search for users using different types of criteria.

To search for users, enter any of the following in the Search Criteria field, then click Search:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Company Name
  • ID Number
  • Account Activation Code
  • Location Code

The system displays any users whose online accounts contain information that matches the criteria.

Record Search

Search for users by typing their first or last name, phone number (10 digits), email, username, company name, ID number, and account activation, course, or location codes. Make a Wildcard search by typing an asterisk (*) or percentage (%) after a search term. E.g., searching for “Mich%” shows users with the names, Michelle, Michael, Michaila, Miche, etc.

Advanced Search lets you find users with specific training in selected locations and view their training records. Type in a search term and filter the list of users using the available options, such as completed/expiring/expired/in progress course certification(s) and training topic(s), cities and provinces/states, locations in the company, company role(s), or other custom search criteria. Note: Specific courses and training topics only appear for selection if they have been assigned to user(s) in your portal.



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